Asset Management

date : 01-01-2015
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ManafSoft Fund Management System controls and manages all daily functions and procedures performed by investment companies, fund management companies, and investments banks:

  • Multi Market, Multi Currency, Multi User
  • Extensive analysis on all financial data with the option of selecting specific assets and securities to use for investing.
  • Design and implement investment plans with full monitoring and control over investments and funds to achieve potential targets and profits for the end investors.
  • Help fund managers and investment managers in making the correct decisions with the end goal of maximizing profits.
  • Investment Policy
  • Performance Measurement
  • Management and Performance Fees
  • Stocks (Dividends, Spin off, Merger, Take over …)
  • Funds (Dividends, Free units, Valuation …)
  • Sukuk (Profit, Valuation …)
  • Bonds (Valuation, Redemption, Zero coupon, Amortization, Convertible …)
  • Options
  • Bank Accounts and Deposits
  • Currency Exchange
  • Cash Dividends, Distribution and Payment Methods
  • Dividends Reinvest
  • Fund Fact Sheet
  • NAV Statement
  • Unit Holder Classification, Profile, Analysis, Allocation and Cost.
  • Unit Holders' Monthly Advice
  • Free Units Distribution
  • Subscription and Redemption Contracts
  • Subscribers Deposition
  • Subscription and Redemption Analysis, Advice, Fees

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